你好,안녕, おはよ, and hi everyone! My name is Jenny, and I'm Chinese in blood, Japanese in spirit, Korean in heart ^_^ Music is my life- I love playing the piano and singing. Kpop is a given, of course <3 I'm a B2uty and an ELF first, but I like lots of other groups as well~ Hope you enjoy this half-kpop, half-randompostsaboutmylife blog!

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  • Artist: Sistar
  • Album: Cover
  • Track: Sailor Moon Theme

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have you guys listened to the entire album yet omg it’s amazeballs

the thing I love about BEAST is that I always end up liking most of their songs, which is unusual for a kpop group. and this album is no exception <3

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So do people who work at bars or liquor stores have to like, memorize which birthyears are considered 21+? Or do they just do the math every time they card someone? Do they just have enough experience that they memorized the birthyear at some point and then just kept adding 1 to it every year? 

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hrm, I wonder which team I’m rooting for in this soccer match… ;)

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Good luck baby good luck to you

omg yoseob yes yes yes <3


Moss Graffiti: A How To Guide

are you fucking for real

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